Cleaning Service Agreement Template

The customer wishes to use the cleaning services of the provider and a cleaning contract should be as detailed as possible. If something is omitted, it can be difficult to prove an argument. All oral agreements must be recalled in writing. If additional service is required, a new service contract may be required. A cleaning contract generally contains the provision that, in the event of an amendment, both parties must give their written consent. Depending on the customer, some hours of the day may be more convenient than others. A company may require a cleaner to show up before or after normal business hours so as not to interfere with its normal operations. A landlord can rent a cleaning service to clean their home during the day while they are at work. The payment is made at the address of the ISP (weekly/bi-weekly/monthly). Payment is due on the day of each scheduled service before cleaning can begin/after the clean-up is complete. Acceptable payment methods are cash, cheque or credit card. A complete form that can be used for online bookings, transportation planning, visits, pickups; with widgets for information gathering, location services, date/time choice, offer areas and more. The contractor is entitled to reimbursement of the following costs incurred during the performance of these cleaning services: this contract is based on a fixed time and conditions and remains as such.

The customer`s cleaning staff performs services to the customer on the agreed dates and times set out in Schedule B and respects all public holidays. guarantee. The contractor provides its cleaning service and meets its obligations under this agreement in a timely and satisfactory manner, using its knowledge and recommendations for the performance of its cleaning services, generally in accordance with the contractor`s regional and community standards, and by committing to establish a level of care equivalent or better than the care used by other professionals in the same profession.